Tuesday, 31 January 2012 12:34

Who really pays when the prices go 'down, down!'?

image0071The Riverina is the largest citrus growing region in Australia and Riverina Citrus Chairman, Frank Battistel has expressed concern about who will ultimately benefit from the announcement today that Coles will heavily discount fruit and vegetables.

“The question really is who will end up paying for these discounts in this latest price war?” Mr Battistel said. “Either Coles is charging its customers 50 percent too much for fresh fruit and vegies or these discounts will be cross subsidised by large margins on other products. Citrus growers are already having to sell our produce at record low prices there is no way we can reduce them further. Some of our growers are already selling at a loss – it’s a very hard time for our growers especially with the lack of export opportunities due to the high Australian dollar.

“Today’s announcement will be a huge concern for many, many small fruit and vegetable stores across the country that simply cannot compete with the devastating power of Australia’s two massive supermarket chains,” he said. “These big supermarkets should put more effort into supporting Australian farmers by offering fair prices and promoting 100% Australian produce over inferior imports rather than trying to beat each other up in the chase for profits.”

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