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These three forms of dried grape are common in most households today and have been around for some time. Currants were named for Corinth grapes, as they came originally from Greece, and were later found in Egyptian tombs.

If you can never  spell the word correctly, remember that ants will eat the sweet grapes. Raisin cakes were enjoyed by the Israelites when David became king, and were also enjoyed by Romans with wine as a snack.

All dried fruits are a good source of fibre, and currants also contain good amounts of magnesium and sultanas contain some vitamin E. These fruits store well for up to a year or can be refrigerated or frozen to discourage insect pests.

Part of the preparation process of these fruits is spraying with a chemical solution that will preserve the colour and preserve it. Sundried fruit is not as attractive but some people prefer it as more natural. Dried fruit can be used in many cakes, biscuits, scones and desserts, and raisins and sultanas are often also added to pilaus and North African dishes as well as side dishes for curries.

Diet Data

Fibre, vitamin E, magnesium, approx. 1000kJ per 100g (varies slightly according to fruit)


Airtight in a cool dry place.

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