New South Wales:    Central Coast, Newcastle & Port Stephens

Bill's Organic Breads

Bill's Organic Breads

B3/ 77 Munibung Road
(PO Box 1047m, Warners Bay)
Cardiff, New South Wales 2285

Contact Person: Lyn Roberts
Phone: (02) 4956 9981

Bill’s have made their mission to produce a bread that has great taste and is good for you.

They are baked from the finest Certified Organic stoneground flour, sunflower oil, psyllium husks, sea salt and filtered water.

Certified Organic flours (ACO certification 257P) are stoneground, a slower, older method of milling which avoids overheating and dehydration. Nutrients and wheat germ are retained, giving a nutty flavour.

Their unique sourdough culture was developed from scratch in the Wattagan Mountains near Newcastle. The slower 18-hour fermentation allows the dough to rise and the beneficial lactobacilli (which helps digestion) to fully develop, producing a unique flavour.

These Certified Organic stoneground sourdough breads have

  • NO added yeast
  • NO dairy products
  • NO chemical herbicides or pesticides
  • NO artificial preservatives, flavouring or colouring
  • NO genetic modification
  • NO added sugar
  • NO animal products

GPS coordinates: -32.9419930000, 151.6407700000

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