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Simply Tomatoes

Simply Tomatoes

479 Parkers Road Leaghur,
PO Box 176
Boort, Victoria 3537

Contact Person: Marilyn Lanyon
Phone: 03 5455 4237
Mobile: 0428 554 235

Here’s a real success story. Marilyn Lanyon has been making green tomato products since the 1980's for family and friends. These were so popular she realized the recipes had excellent potential and in 2002 set up in business with a simple yet hard-to-forget name. Today, Australian Simply Tomatoes unique products are recognised nationally for product and packaging, and also by the Premier for innovation. The family-owned business has strict quality control over the green tomato products from the farm gate to the consumer, as it is the grower, manufacturer and marketer of these unique specialty products.

The tomatoes are hand picked, sliced and preserved in vinegar salt brine, finished in extra virgin olive oil, oregano and garlic. Simply Spread is made into a spreadable / pesto style form from the Simply Green Tomatoes. Both these products are ideal for antipasto platters, sandwiches, salads, vegetables, rice, pasta, meat or seafood. Retail packs presented in vacuum sealed pouches in various sizes are shelf stable for 24 months and have an attractive shelf presence. Food service packs range from 700gm zip seal pouches up to 18kg pails, and as they need no refrigeration may be conveniently shipped as dry goods to 450 outlets around Australia as well as many overseas countries.

Simply Tomatoes products are Halal Certified, gluten and MSG-free, and all-natural with no added preservatives colourings, flavours or sugar.

But wait, there's more! In 2009 we began manufacturing Aussie Wool Quilts-Boort pure wool bedding. Come and see how we make dreamy doona style quilts, underblankets and pillows, if you like.  Gorgeous hand made 100% Australian wool bedding, how fabulous! Because seriously, some of those supposedly wool products you see in the big stores, how much actual wool is really in them?
You can have a look at our range and even order online at

But wait, there’s still more! We also make Woolly Warmers Therapeutic Heat Pads. These are wheat and wool heat pads, shaped to fit your body. For example we have Woolly Warmers to fit your knee, elbow, shoulder or lower back.  Check them out at

And if all of that wasn’t enough: we are open for tours, and for morning or afternoon tea or lunch by phone appointment ph 03 5455 4237, or through Loddon Discovery Tours c/- Robyn Vella 03 5494 1200.

So have a look at our websites, order some products or give us a call and come visit.
Simply Tomatoes has simply got it all for you!

Located: Turn off from the Kerang / Boort road, or the Pyramid Hill / Boort road. 479 Parkers Road Leaghur, Boort.

GPS coordinates: -36.1164726000, 143.7282088000

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