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Gippsland Natural Meats

Gippsland Natural Meats

South Gippsland
South Gippsland, Victoria

Contact Person: Paul Crock
Phone: 0418 377 264
Mobile: 0418 377 264

Gippsland Natural Meats is a small group of passionate beef producers keen to link directly with families and discerning meat lovers. 

They raise cattle ethically on the lush pastures of the Gippsland region of Victoria, south-east of Melbourne. Our animals are allowed to roam free-range, raised as nature intended without the use of hormonal growth promotants or preventative antibiotics.

Lush pastures give our beef a rich meaty colour and delicious grass-fed flavour. 

All of our farmers are environmentally aware, however some have gone to the next level by adopting an Environmental Management System on their farms. This identifies all the environmental issues faced on the farm, and outlines ways we can fix or manage the issues with best practice. These producers brand their beef under our Enviromeat brand. 

Maintaining healthly low-stress cattle is the key to producing tender succulent Gippsland Natural beef. 

To guarantee our tenderness claims we use the Meat Standards Australia grading system to underpin our product quality. 

Our beef grades in the top 6 MSA boning groups ensuring restaurant quality tender steaks every time.

GPS coordinates: -38.6422774000, 146.2760197000

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