Queensland:    Townsville and the Whitsundays



Lot 2/ 338 Legges Rd
Braemeadows, Queensland 4850

Phone: 0450 439 555

Backfatters breed two different types of heritage pigs. The Large Blacks which are the rarest pigs in Australia, and the Berkshire which are the Wagyu of the pork world. These breeds have been chosen not only to keep the breeds going strong but also becasue the falvour from these pigs is unsurpassed.

All pigs are pasture raised and true free range. The pork is free of hormones, antibiotics, fish and meat meal. By letting the pigs roam free in the paddocks and do what pigs love to do shows in the end product as happy pigs equal great tasting pork.

We made the finals of the ABC Delicious produce awards this year for our Fresh pork and our double smoked maple cured bacon.

As well as growing our heritage breed pigs we also grow the Boar goats.If you haven't had the pleasure of trying this super lean and incredibly tasty meat you really are missing out.If you have not tried it we compare it to really good lamb with out the fatty residue.We use these cheeky little guys on our farm as part of our paddock rotation system ,therefore we do not have to spray our pastures with chemicals.

We are currently working on opening a shop on the farm and opening the farm up to the public for tours of our free range sustainable farm.I will keep you posted.

Currently you can by our product in the Wild Local Prawn in Ingham,Sprout in Townsville ,A Touch of Salt restaurant in Townsville and every Saturday at the farmers market Townsville and Cotters markets Flinders st mall ,Townsville every Sunday.

If you are looking for our Hilly Billy Goat or our Backfatters pork interstate we are not quite big enough yet to get it to you.We are hoping to work locally first and then spread our wings at a later date as we grow.

Warm Tropical Regards

Julia and Shane

GPS coordinates: -18.6621803000, 146.2742510000

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