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The Organic Experience

The Organic Experience

PO Box 440
North Cairns, Queensland 4870

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When you look back at our history food was life and it encompassed everything from family values to community celebration, we followed the cycles of production and managed the land accordingly. Market days encouraged family outings and buying local supported the economy. Children grew up with simple wholesome meals supporting a healthy immune system, and avocados came from a tree - not a squeeze tube in the supermarket. Somewhere along the way we have become lost and disconnected from our source. In an age where everything has become a convenience, where we face a surge of health, social, economic and environmental problems, it's now time to strip back the layers and reconnect to our grassroots.

The Organic Experience is a back to basics bus journey that will uncover the simple fundaments of sustainable living. Connect with local growers and producers, learn about organic and biodynamic farming, find out how foods from your garden can benefit your health and enjoy some interesting visits and innovative recipes to teach and inspire you. Every itinerary is unique and every visit is a special welcome into the home and production site of some amazing locally made products. Find your roots on The Organic Experience

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