South Australia:    Eyre Peninsula, Flinders Ranges & Outback

Kiwis Oysters

Kiwis Oysters

Smoky Bay Road
Smoky Bay, South Australia 5680

Mobile: 0427 257 057

Back in 1988 when the Australian recession was at it's worst, "KIWI" Evans came up with the idea that the pristine, nutrient rich waters of Smoky Bay would be an ideal place to grow Oysters, Well, Kiwi was right, He jumped in head first and before long was producing some of the finest “Sweet Ocean” tasting Oysters this country had ever tasted wining him numerous awards, It wasnt long before others caught on turning good old Smoky Bay into the Oyster capital of the world
Kiwi is still in the same spot, He has handed the reigns over to his son Judd but still plays an active role in both the Oyster farm and the Smoky Bay community as a whole. The family tradition lives on through Judd with all our Oyster sorting and grading still done lovingly by hand, none of those sorting machines for us, we also grow our oysters in the "OLD SCHOOL Pillow Baskets ensuring that our quality does not suffer due to over cramming of the Oysters as in most MASS production farming Technique’s


GPS coordinates: -32.3769084000, 133.9358759000

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