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Baldwin Distilling Company

Baldwin Distilling Company

Dacre Street,
Mitchell, New South Wales 2911

Phone: 0447 744 348
Mobile: 0447 7443 48


Baldwin Distillery Company (BDC) is an exciting new business that will bring Premium, Australian manufactured spirits into the market.

BDC will be owned and operated by Australians and as a start-up, will be a Family Business only contracting professionals for creation of elements outside our knowledge. Baldwin Distilling Company will be located in the Australian Capital Territory and will be the only “Spirit” Distillery in the State.

We have identified some major holes in the Australian Market in regards to spirit sales and manufacturing. With recent investigation and development of processes and production methodologies through due diligence, we believe our products can take an “unfair” share of this market through superior taste and of equal importance, an Australian made, owned and produced product.

There's a movement in Australia at the moment for local, premium beers and previously wine and now Australian-brand spirits, people want to know where their produce comes from; it's the paddock-to-plate (or glass in this case) mentality. Baldwin Distilling believes premium spirits are next cab off the rank and the last 4 year on year growth has shown that.

Spirits will continue to experience polarization in demand, with decreasing but still dominant economy spirits being used for mixers and an increasingly popular premium and super-premium segment of spirits that will be responsible for most of the value growth over the next 5 to 10 year period. Australians will continue to drink but what they do drink, on average, will be of a higher or perceived quality.

Our primary product, a Premium Whiskey 700ml will be made from all grain and have a pre-mixed variety (RTD) of 300ml. There will be Premium Caramel Whiskey and a Premium Rye Whiskey from year 3 onwards.

Baldwin Distilling Company Bourbon Style Whiskies will be differentiated from other American Brands through using only the best parts of the distillation and quality Australian products. Our unique Caramel Whiskey has been developed as a “new” style of Bourbon and in early tastings has received rave reviews.


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